Warranty Information

Cincinnati Entry Point Warranty (PDF)


Steel & Fiberglass & Wood Door Panels:

MUS-Utility steel Limited 1 year

MHD-24-Gauge Wood-Edge Steel 5 year

Belleville-Smooth, Oak & Fir & Mahogany Fiberglass-limited lifetime

Barrington-Oak & Mahogany Fiberglass-limited lifetime

Wood (Does not include custom non stock) 1 year

Door Frames, Mulls, Brickmould:

Primed Wood & Stain Grade Not Treated Wood-no warranty

Primed Wood Treated “no-rot”-10 years

Dura-Tech Stainable & Paintable Clad-limited lifetime

Vinyl Clad-limited lifetime

Glass for doors below:

Wood doors-5 years

Custom designed-5 years

Steel & Fiberglass-10 years

Factory Finishing:

All doors-1 year


All doors-1 year


Emtek-Door Hardware in Polished Brass-Lifetime and Polished Nickel-Lifetime finishes carry a lifetime limited finish warranty.  There is no finish warranty on Deep Burgundy, Medium Bronze Patina, Flat Black Patina, Silver Patina, Rust, Polished White Bronze, Tumbled White Bronze, and Unlacquered Brass finished.  All other finishes carry a five year finish warranty.

Hinges-5 years.  Outswing doors carry no warranty on stock hinges.


Sweeps, w/strip-1   year 

Warranty Coverage:

Customer must finish products in a timely manner according to finish manufacturer’s recommendations.  This warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is not transferable or assignable.  Cincinnati Entry Point warrants that its product is free from defects in material and workmanship that renders its product unfit for its normal and recommended use.  The period of the warranty begins at the date of purchase by the customer and shall extend for the products respective warranty period. 


  1. Defects or damages from shipment.
  2. Damages from improper maintenance, installation and handling, cleaning, finishing, abuse & acts of God.  Accidents or other circumstances beyond our control.
  3. (Wood Doors) Any product installed in or submitted to high sun and heat & moisture conditions and finished dark colors (see additional information about the specific wood door manufacturer and where they should be installed.  Each wood door manufacturer has specific information you should read and follow.  Stained products facing high sun exposure finished dark colors will require frequent stripping and refinishing.  It’s is the customers responsibility to read our warranty and the specific wood door manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. (Stained Fiberglass Doors)  Stained products facing high sun exposure finished dark colors will require frequent stripping and refinishing.
  5. Labor, shipping or other charges incurred or claimed by the customer. 
  6. Labor from hardware that is not standard from the factory, (Mortise Locks & other custom hardware)
  7. Screw type glass frames are glazed with caulking from all manufacturers on Steel and Fiberglass Doors.  Caulk will squeeze out, especially on high sun exposure doors, and door painted dark colors.  This is not a defect.
  8. Replacement products are limited to one.  If we provide a replacement product the warranty will last the balance of the warranty on the original product.
  9. Warp of up to ¼” in any plane of the door for any 6’8” tall door up to 36” wide.  Warp of up to ½” in any plane of the door for doors taller than 6’8’ and up to 8’ tall and up to 42” wide.  Doors taller or wider are not under warranty.
  10. (wood doors), Surface checks in the doors that are less than 1/8” in width or less than 2” in length are not warranted.  Natural variation in wood colors and textures & knot’s.
  11. Rusting or metal deterioration or appearance of external wrought iron is not covered.
  12. (wood door) Leakage around a speakeasy is not covered.
  13. Leaking around an ada threshold is not covered.
  14. (wood door) wood panel moving or shrinking
  15. (wood door) damage resulting from exposure with an unprotected opening, without sufficient roof overhang.  Must be ½ the height measured from the bottom of the door to the bottom overhang at the point that the overhang is furthest from the door or entry.  The side walls must also protect the entryway.  Sometimes based on the install the overhand may need to be greater.

Inspections and Discovery:

  1.  It’s the customer’s responsibility to inspect the product immediately upon receipt.  DO NOT install a product that you deem defective without discussing the issue with our office upfront.  Failure to do that may make the repair very difficult or impossible.  An example of this would be a factory finished door.

Warranty Claim Procedures:

  1. The customer shall present a written claim to us within 30 days after discovering the defect, and must be in the warranty period.
  2. The customer shall provide the following:
    1. Description of claimed defects
    2. Identification of product and pattern
    3. Date of purchase, place of purchase, purchase price.
    4. Allow inspection from our representative if needed.


  1.  We will repair or provide a replacement (up to one time).  If product is not available anymore we will provide something of equal value.
  2. We will not pay the cost of Labor, Installation or Finishing (Some companies that purchase our labor of installation and finishing may have a one year limited warranty).  Our maximum liability is limited to the original purchase price.

Disclaimer of Warranty

No other warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise to this product.  No warranties of merchantability or fitness for a purpose, except to the extent listed here


Limitation of Remedies

These are the customer’s exclusive remedies for breach of warranty.  We are not liable to the customer or any other person for any general, incidental, or consequential damages.


Unless modified in writing signed by both parties this warranty is the complete and exclusive warranty related to the product and supersedes all earlier agreements.  No employees’ or any other party is authorized to make an additional warranty.


Because wood doors and manufacturers of wood doors vary so much we recommend you also review the specific wood door manufactures website with warranty information and information on correct installation, exposure limitations and guidelines for their warranty.  This is our “easy” to read addition that covers many different products we have available.

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